Artistic home design and decor services




Subject matter and style are critical when developing a customized mural, which is why I always consult with my clients and research the subject thoroughly. I draw out the design preliminarily in pencil, so he/she can make any necessary changes, if needed, and approve the design before it is painted. I take pride in maintaining a great rapport with my customers throughout every step to ensure there is no miscommunication, and that way they are always delighted with the outcome! Please E-mail me for pricing info. View Mural Portfolio

Faux Finishing

The formality of your furniture and surrounds will dictate the kinds of faux finishing techniques available to you. I do NOT add texture to walls; there is only an appearance of texture—whether the method is color washing, glazing, marbleizing, ragging, antiquing or crackle finish. There are reasons for this: I love paint, as it is as temporary or permanent a medium as you want it to be. Should you ever decide to re-paint or re-decorate, all you will need to do, if anything at all, is prime the wall(s). I believe you can add dimension without adding texture. In addition to basic techniques, I can also paint, mimicking all kinds of stone, brick, wood, metal and fabrics, including leather, satin, suede and much more! The possibilities are literally endless! Please E-mail me for pricing info. View Faux Finishing Portfolio

Furniture, Floor Cloths, Table Runners, Tablecloths

Alternative customization

Giving new life to old furniture with paint, and/or adding a floor cloth, table runner, or tablecloth are all excellent ways to customize a room/design. All cloth designs are made from durable, heavyweight canvas. I can design one for you to match a specific pattern (or not), or if you have a design in mind, I can copy it. Please understand, this is a painstaking process; but you are guaranteed satisfaction with the results! Please E-mail me for pricing info. View Alternative Customization Portfolio


On paper or on a wall. Portraits make a very personal and extremely memorable gift, no matter what the occasion. I can work from a “live” sitting or photo(s). Depending upon the size of paper used, the number of subjects, and whether the portrait is color or black and white, prices will vary. The “medium(s)” used—charcoal, pencil, chalk, pastel crayons, acrylic paint—can also vary, and can be chosen by you, if you like. I do not work in oil paints. Portraits can also be painted directly on a wall and incorporated into a mural, if you like. I have painted children’s portraits into murals. I can also paint animals. Please E-mail me for pricing info. See Portrait Portfolio