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Faux Finishing

What kind of ambience does your house exude? The formality of your furniture and surrounds will dictate the kinds of faux finishing techniques available to you. I do NOT add texture to walls; there is only an appearance of texture—whether the method is color washing, glazing, marbleizing, ragging, antiquing or crackle finish.There are reasons for this: I love paint, as it is as temporary or permanent a medium as you want it to be.

Should you ever decide to re-paint or re-decorate, all you will need to do, if anything at all, is prime the wall(s). It is also extremely physically labor-intensive. I also believe you can add dimension without adding texture. In addition to basic techniques, I can also paint, mimicking all kinds of stone, brick, wood, metal and fabrics, including leather, satin, suede and much more!

The possibilities are literally endless!