Artistic home design and decor services


Stenciling has come a long ways from its origins, as the original “faux finish” painting. Gone are the one-overlay, quaint country-design stencils consisting of simple ducks, welcome mats, homes, and cross-stitching. But, when they did exist, I painstakingly created custom looks for clients from simple Mylar® and an Exacto knife.

Fortunately, now, one can find a greater variety of stencil patterns. But, for those who prefer a more traditional look for their home, stenciling is the ideal solution for those wanting a repetitive design—whether the stencil is used as a border where a wall meets the ceiling, at chair-rail height, above trim near where it meets the floor, or highlighting a room’s architectural elements. A number of stencil houses exist, offering a bevvy of designs—from animal prints to geometrics to assorted patterns in a host of sizes. Price per stencil pattern also varies. Or let me custom-design a stencil for you, based upon patterns from your upholstery, curtains or any object!

For a more fluid pattern and look, I also custom design rubber stamps, an outgrowth from the old “potato” stamp. Whatever you choose, stenciling can enhance and customize the look of your home.