Artistic home design and decor services



I offer color consultation, residential mural painting, commercial mural painting, trompe l’oeil, acrylic paintings on canvas, black and white or color portraits (pets and/or people), children’s murals, nursery murals and faux finishes. I only use water-based products for several reasons—its ease of application, quick drying time, durability, wash-ability, and odorless qualities.

Color Consultations

Whether you have a vision or you are admittedly color-challenged, I can help. An extensive, 20 +-year background in art, design and graphic design has afforded me the understanding of, and appreciation for, color and specifically paint colors and finishes.

I understand how color and light play on walls and how paint changes its shade upon application, while both wet and dry—much different than the small paper swatches you find at the hardware stores. I can plan all the colors for your house or any room, as I do color consultations by the hour. If you choose to use me for a painting project, that fee is deducted from your total estimate. Please E-mail me for pricing info.

Types of Painting

I have created small, customized mural paintings for homeowners and large-scale murals, up to 45’ long, for corporations and companies. I started designing and cutting my own custom stencils from Mylar®, since the only ones available commercially when I began were “country”-style designs. I learned the art of stamping (designing several of my own), multi-layered stencils, and faux finishing, after taking courses. My experience includes: marbleizing, wood-graining, patina, old-world finishes, crackle finishes, faux tortoise, stone, damask prints, suede, leather, satin and other fabric looks, satin and shadow striping, and clouds–all accomplished without adding actual texture to walls, and using only artists’ tools and water-based paints. Please E-mail me for pricing info.